Tutto Piccolo means style. Modern and renewed designs but keeping our classical line. We create every garment thinking of special, elegant and exclusive looks for every occasion.

Tutto Piccolo Values mean Special

100% Tenderness

Our weakness: babies and pastel colours. Tenderness is a feature of all our garments, using soft and warm fabrics, and with the priority of offering comfortable garments during their first years of life.

With you

From the first moment, we connect with you in the first layette set and we follow you in each step of their growth until 12 year of age.

Tutto Piccolo Values - With you


Always important for us. Each garment has a detail that makes a difference.

Tutto Piccolo values - the details


The design and the selected fabrics are chosen to wear the garment comfortable. We use high quality fabrics that help to protect your baby, all of them with Aitex certification.

Tutto Piccolo Values - Compromise


From the first idea until your child wears the garment for the first time, we take care to create a unique experience.

Tutto Piccolo values - conection

Different but matching

We create collections to be able to dress siblings in matching outfits and for every occasion and age.

Tutto Piccolo values - different but equal

Tutto Piccolo Values - Different
The time

30 years ago, Mercedes Moltó was a pioneer woman to create Tutto Piccolo with her husband Desiderio Mataix. During decades she has designed fine collections which made a difference in children’s fashion.

Tutto Piccolo values - time


Nowadays Tutto Piccolo is managed by her children and has a strong international presence and it is an international benchmark in children’s fashion.

Tutto Piccolo values - now

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